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60s 70s 80s

Music today is not as good as it was then!

How often do you hear that? Whether this is true or not is debatable, but the fact is 'rubbish'

music can be found in any era. However much of it
disappears in the mists of time and we only remember the classic tracks!

My comprehensive music collection enables me to call upon many of these classics, guaranteeing a trip down memory lane and heaps of nostalgic fun for your theme party!

Mobile disco for 60s theme party

Mobile disco for sixties theme party

60s theme parties

60s Theme disco party

Relive those great sixties sounds when bands like The Stones, Kinks, Shadows,
Who and of course the 'Fab Four' not only dominated the UK, but worldwide charts.

The list of acts goes on and on and if you were there the music will bring those memories flooding back and consequently a Sixties theme party is a great choice for
a 60th or 70th birthday party.

Of course, the music for your party doesn't have to be entirely from the sixties, I
can include tracks from the late fifties and early seventies as well if required.

Click on the button below to take a look at my collection of sixties tracks and
have fun trying to guess exactly when that song was in the top ten!

The Riviera Breeze mobile disco sixties music collection list - A great selection of tracks for your 60s party

Mobile disco for 70s theme party

Mobile disco for seventies theme party

70s theme parties

70s disco for theme parties

70s Theme disco party

A 70's themed party provides not only nostalgia for those who remember the 70's, but is also a fun theme for any type of celebration. So it's time to dust off those flares, kipper ties and big heels, stick on false sideburns and don 'big hair' wigs as the
Riviera breeze disco accompanies you on your trip back to the seventies!

With the rapid emergence of Disco dance, the seventies produced numerous tracks for you to strut your funky stuff to, but of course this was also the decade of Punk and Glam rock - quite a mix! Acts such as Slade, the Bee Gees, David Bowie, The Sweet, Chic, Rose Royce, Elton John and of course the seventies Swedish
'Fab Four' dominated the charts.

Whilst there is little doubt that Disco dance has remained the most popular 70's music, this is your party, so let me know what you would like me to include and
I'll produce a music selection specifically tailored to your event!

Looking for ideas? Just click on the button below to take a look through my
collection of seventies tracks and see just how many of those great songs
you've forgotten about!

The Riviera Breeze mobile disco seventies music collection list - A great selection of tracks for your 70s party

Mobile disco for 80s theme party

Mobile disco for eighties theme party

80s disco for theme parties

80s Theme disco party

The eighties was probably one of the most iconic decades in music, with 80s
tracks still making regular appearances at virtually any party.

Just like the 70s there was a diverse mix of styles in the 80s from the distinct
electro band sound to the modern romantics to Ska and Reggae. However, you
don't need to be in your forties to appreciate the sounds of Madonna, Queen, Spandau Ballet, Madness or Kylie.

Films from the 80s were as big as the hairstyles of that era. Tracks from Fame,
Top Gun, Flashdance, Cocktail and Dirty Dancing filled the charts as well as
the dance floor.

Click on the button below to take a look at my collection of eighties tracks.

The Riviera Breeze mobile disco eighties music collection list - A great selection of tracks for your 80s party

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